Who are we?

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Amplified is an American company with subsidiaries in Romania and Nicaragua. Ian Panchevre, our CEO, founded Amplified while pursuing his MBA at Stanford.

We’ve spent most of our careers building tech startups, and we know all too well that to successfully build and commercialize a new product, you need to surround yourself with startup professionals: designers, engineers who develop, PMs, strategists, and data scientists.

We also know that it’s hard to build a world-class startup team. We often felt like we were spinning our wheels trying to build a team rather than focusing on our customers and their needs. So we outsourced parts of our businesses to contractors and agencies, both onshore and onshore. And we got screwed not once, not twice...

Through it all, we hated feeling like we were trapped in transactional relationships with vendors that were more interested in their invoices than in our success. So we embarked on a mission to build the type of organization that we, ourselves, would have wanted to work with: A true technical partner that was honest, reliable, and able to grow with us; a team that allowed us to get to market faster, cheaper, and with a higher quality product.

We created Amplified.

Ian and the Amplified team have been working together for over 10 years, going all the way back to Ian’s first startup, which launched a mobile app in 2011! Today, Amplified’s American office is in San Antonio, TX, but our team works remotely in Europe and Latin America. We have over 35 team members from both Romania and Nicaragua, making us a truly international team.


Empowering startups and entrepreneurs to achieve their full potential.


Designing, developing, and delivering for startups as true entrepreneurial partners.

What does it mean to be an Amplifier?

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An Amplifier lives and breathes Amplified’s commitments to honesty, reliability, and growth. Amplifiers are determined to go above and beyond to deliver groundbreaking work. Amplifiers are enthusiastic and energetic team players. They are intellectually curious and are always excited by new challenges and problems to solve. Whatever an Amplifier works on, their project will be better off for their contributions.

We’re good at:

PM with Agile (Scrum)

PM with Agile (Kanban)

Design Thinking


Brand Formation

Web Design

Web app development


Mixed Reality

Perks we offer:

Full remote work

Flexible schedule

English courses

Full medical plan (Romania)

Flexible benefits plan (Romania)

Growth and development


Product Designer

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What you should bring to the table:

Have a Bachelor's in UX/UI Design or related field, proven UX/UI design experience in software, bonus for spatial design interest. Proficient in Adobe Creative Suite, Affinity, Figma, etc. Strong understanding of design principles. Collaborative and excellent communication skills.

Software Engineer

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What you should bring to the table:

Join us as a mid-senior Software Engineer at Amplified if you have strong JavaScript knowledge, great problem-solving skills, and enjoy collaborating on building remarkable software! Dive into our innovative platform blending web, augmented reality, and blockchain to revolutionize art experiences.

Software Project Manager

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What you should bring to the table:

At Amplified, the Software Project Manager ensures project success through teamwork. Candidates should have strong communication, organizational skills, proactiveness, and adaptability.