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We built the Art Universe on Apple Vision Pro.

The Art Universe is a spatial media platform for the visual arts – where artwork is immersive and interactive in mixed reality.

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Highlights from the Art Universe for Apple Vision Pro…

Spatial UX/UI

Inventive spatial interactions so that your app can break free from the 2D.

Immersive environments

3D and fully immersive spaces to captivate and engage users.

Interactive media

Beautifully rendered media assets that are responsive to user input.

Spatial object placement

Place objects in your environment to the correct IRL scale.

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Beyond the Art Universe, we have worked on other AR / VR and Animation projects:


Augmented reality art with Unity

Philip Vaughan

3D modeling and animation with Blender

Link Agency

Animation and digital illustration

Amplified team loves using the latest technologies and keep learning as the industry is always growing

Spatial Computing

AR / VR / MR

3D Modeling

Digital Animation



Apple AR Kit

Reality Composer Pro




Adobe CC

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