We are badass startup builders, specialized in software, AR/VR, and design

We partner with external startup teams to provide professional services, helping them build products and grow their businesses fast and affordably

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Software development

Case studies: OfficeTogether, Farmraise

MVP Development

Work with Amplified as your technical partner to develop and scale an MVP.

Integrated Teams

Amplify the capabilities of your internalengineering team by joining forces with Amplified.

Augmented & Virtual Reality

Digital Animation

Build unique, high quality animationsfor your business, website, or app.

AR/VR Apps

Build world-class augmented reality and virtual reality experiences that engage and amaze your users.

Product Design

Case studies: Voila, LINK

UX / UI Design

Visualize your software product with UX/UI designs, clickable prototypes, and pixel-perfect design specifications.


Develop a brand identity that authentically, uni quely, and effectively showcases your business to the world.